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Our mission at Rush Changes Lives is to transform the future of young soccer talents in underprivileged nations. Through fundraising and sponsorships, we aim to provide opportunities for these gifted players to come to the United States, where they can realize their full potential both on and off the field. By fostering international sportsmanship and personal growth, we strive to create a brighter and more equitable world through the beautiful game.

Together with our passionate donors and valued network of partners, we strive to support student-athlete development with programs designed to support long-term success and strong community engagement.

RCL Provides children the opportunity to excel in sports and education so they can inspire entire communities.

Success Stories

Fernando Caballero

Fernando Caballero, son of a truck driver and a housewife, played for California Rush despite living in a remote area with a lengthy two-hour commute to training. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, his parents were unable to afford for Fernando to continue...

Patrick Apanovicz

Patrick Apanovicz's soccer journey began at the age of six when he joined Canada Rush, and he is now on his way to the Rush Premier Sports Academy. Unfortunately, Patrick's parents weren't present in his life, and as a result, he was raised by his grandparents.Despite...

Sharif Mohammed and Nafiu Abdul Moro

Sharif Mohammed and Nafiu Abdul Moro are both players from Ghana Rush. Before coming to the United States, Sharif played on the first team for the Kotoku Royals, Rush's professional team in Ghana, Africa. The Kotoku Royals were most recently crowned League Division...

Ernestina Serwaa Ofori

Since she was little Ernestina always played Soccer in the streets of Accra, Ghana. She usually was the only girl playing among all boys. Her biggest dream is to receive a College degree and play soccer at the highest level possible for as long as she can. RCL...

Levert Achu – Cameroon

After months of joint efforts from the Rush international affairs department and Cameroon Rush, Levert Achu, captain of Rush FM FC in Cameroon (Bamenda), arrived less than a week ago at the Rush Soccer Academy in the United States of America. The 2005 player, star of...

A Life-Changing Opportunity

Ernestina Ofori thriving after moving from Ghana to the U.S. for soccer Growing up in Ghana, Ernestina Ofori fell in love with soccer at a very young age. And it didn’t take her long to realize how soccer was more than just a...

Levert Achu

Cameroon Rush

Ernestina Serwaa Ofori

Ernestina Serwaa Ofori

Ghana Rush

Ernestina Serwaa Ofori

Sharif Mohammed & Nafiu Abdul Moro

Ghana Rush

Patrick Apanovicz

Canada Rush

Fernando Caballero

California Rush

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